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Onboard users
you can trust

Dotfile is the modern operating system for Compliance teams
Approve individual or business customers anywhere in the world in less than 10 seconds

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Trusted by compliance teams across regulated industries

Why choose Dotfile?

Set up one platform to cover all your customer verification needs.

Reduce risk and fraud

Scale internationally

Boost conversion

Make your team more productive

Create frictionless flows in minutes

Assemble blocks from our Integration Catalog to create flows tailored to your business in minutes.

Forms, document checks, ID verifications, AML screenings and more can be mixed and matched to build infinite onboarding scenarios.

Avoid complex internal developments, adapt to new regulations or launch in new countries with ease.

Delight your users with a seamless verification experience

Embed our widget in your product with just a few lines of code, or use the hosted version to be live even faster.

Personalise the UI and ensure consistency with your brand.
Reduce drop-off thanks to automated email communications and reminders.

Use analytics to identify conversion bottlenecks and A/B tests flows.

Take better decisions - automatically

Protect your business against financial, regulatory and reputational risks by onboarding customers that are right for you.

Create custom rules in our no-code editor to automatically approve users, asign risk labels or perform additional checks.

Implement continuous KYC or KYB and be notified when the situation of a customer evolves.

Reduce labor-intensive reviews and onboard users faster

Get a holistic view of your customers and streamline manual verifications.

Make agents more productive, reduce operational costs and errors.

Thanks to our Case Management tool, detailed reports from service providers or requests for additional information are only one click away. And collaboration with internal or external stakeholders is a breeze.

built for efficiency

Everything you need to build
an onboarding powerhouse

Access an entire ecosystem of verification and enrichment APIs


Multiple integration options


No engineers? No problem. Redirect users on a web portal hosted by Dotfile and be live in minutes.

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Embed our widget in your web or mobile app with just a few lines of code. Your users will never leave your product.

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Leverage your existing front-end and push user data to Dotfile for enrichment and verification.

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Thanks to Dotfile, we were able to set-up a custom process to onboard our freelancers in a matter of hours and saved week of internal developments

Vianney de Drouas

Co-founder & Coo

Our driver onboarding used to be done manually and keeping accurate records was tedious for our Operations team. With dotfile, we were able to scale our processes and convert more drivers

Benjamin Bourdeau


As a real estate startup, we deal with a lot of client documentation. Dotfile helped us implement a much more robust and scalable flow that cuts new client onboarding time by halt

Alexandre Fitussi


Use cases

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dotfile?

Dotfile is the easiest way to verify users. With Dotfile, you can mix and match dozens of KYC and KYB related services to build the right onboarding flow for your business.

We give you access to the best identity, risk and fraud management APIs while taking care of all the painful parts: from vendor negotiation to integration.

We also provide a custom UI that you can embed in your product to collect user data and a back-office for reviews.

What are the integrations available through Dotfile?

Dotfile aims to partner with leading solutions in identity verification, AML compliance, corporate data enrichment, open banking, fraud prevention, credit scoring, e-signature, document processing and more.

Is Dotfile for me?

Dotfile is the perfect fit for Compliance or Trust & Safety use cases. We support regulated businesses or companies dealing with high-risk online transactions.

Our clients include fintech and crypto platforms, marketplaces and on-demand services companies.

Who is my contract with? Dotfile or the providers?

Dotfile has its own contract with most of the providers, so you don’t have to. However, if you have an existing relationship with a provider, you are free to use your own credentials.

How secure is Dotfile?

All your data is encrypted and hosted on servers in Europe. We expect to reach SOC 2 Type II certification in the next few months.

How does integrating Dotfile in my product work?

On the end-user side, Dotfile offers several white-label and fully customizable UI options. You can also send user data to Dotfile from your own front-end.

Put your user onboarding on autopilot

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