To grow their business with confidence, Operations teams constantly have to reinvent onboarding processes. With Dotfile, get the flexibility you need and cover the full spectrum of documents without building your own solution.

Start validating documents in minutes

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Make your teams more productive

Turn the most complex processes into intuitive flows to lower turn-around time. With your business rules living directly in Dotfile, you can forget about lengthy training playbooks and reduce team members ramp-up time.

Collaborate on a high volume of submissions

Scale human-driven validation effortlessly from 10 to 10 000 documents per day. Assign submissions to teammates, set escalation paths, and monitor global and individual SLAs. And if you need extra help, create accounts for an offshore team with limited permissions.

Get crucial insights with analytics

Dive deeper into volume indicators and approval rates. Learn the common reasons for rejecting documents and identify improvement opportunities in your funnel. And go even further by auditing past decisions to drive compliance.

Build a flexible flow for any scenario

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Everything you need to build a validation powerhouse

Form builder

Build collection forms with ease, make changes on the fly

Multi-steps workflows

Design custom approval workflows tailored to your business needs


Integrate collection in your app and push validation data to any system


Track volume handled, approval rate, average processing time, and more


Limit access to certain workflows and submissions

Queue management

Dispatch incoming tasks to the right people

Built for platforms with complex onboarding needs

Sharing-economy, make the right decision when onboarding service providers.
Social security, professional licenses,
vehicle registrations
Marketplace, recruit new vendors with confidence.
Business registrations, insurance certificates, bank details
Real Estate, stop chasing documents through email.
Leases, mortgages, deeds
Fintech, strengthen your KYC process to keep fraudsters out.
Tax returns, proof of residence, bank records
Education, streamline applications review.
Cover letters, transcripts, diplomas